Gustav and Henri: Volume #1

Gustav and Henri: Volume #1

Gustav and Henri: Volume #1

Not Just Books

Opposites attract in this humorous illustrated graphic novel series about two best friends.

Meet Gustav and Henri. This is their book.
It's a bit about friendship and a lot about snacks.

They love doing normal things together, like:

  • finding a lost shuttlecock – IN SPACE!

  • returning an overdue library book – 100 YEARS AGO!

  • or making cakes – IN THE BATH!

You know, completely normal things.

Join them for 100% of your recommended daily intake of adventures, escapades, and capers – all in one book!

With the visual appeal of Narwhal and Jelly and the irresistible humour of Dog Man, this is the perfect series for kids who love comics and funny stories.
Each book contains 3 stories in 1, for maximum value, and maximum snacks!

Gustav and Henri: Volume #1


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