Wise Words From David Attenborough

Wise Words From David Attenborough

Wise Words From David Attenborough

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A Book of Quotes

With his unmistakable voice and childlike wonder, Sir David Attenborough has graced our television screens since 1954.

This unauthorised collection celebrates the world's favourite naturalist and his perspective on plants, animals, sustainability, community and beyond.

From vegetarianism to climate change, each of these quotes demonstrates the power of words and positive thinking in our everyday lives.


'What we do in the next few years will profoundly affect the next few thousand years.'

'We depend upon the natural world for every mouthful of food that we eat and indeed every lungful of air that we breathe.'

'Nature once determined how we survive. Now we determine how nature survives.'

'Movements and ideas can spread at astonishing speed.'

'We need more than just intelligence, we need wisdom.'

Wise Words From David Attenborough


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