The Magnificent Book of Butterflies and Moths

The Magnificent Book of Butterflies and Moths

The Magnificent Book of Butterflies and Moths

Barbara Taylor
Travel all round the world to meet 36 magnificent butterflies and moths in this beautifully illustrated reference book filled with fascinating facts.

Take a journey through flower-filled meadows, dusky woodlands, and steamy rainforests to find 36 magnificent butterflies and moths, from the delicate glasswing butterfly to the mighty Hercules moth.

Find out which butterfly has the biggest wingspan and how the red cracker butterfly got its name. Learn how these insects undergo an amazing transformation, turning from a voraciously munching caterpillar into a magnificent butterfly or moth. Discover how eyespots on the wings of the peacock butterfly scare off predators, and why its bright colors send a message that it is poisonous to eat. Witness the monarch butterfly emerging from its pupa and the tawny coster laying its eggs. Spot the orange oakleaf butterfly as it folds up its wings to look like a dead autumn leaf, and marvel at the prickly spines of the tiger moth “woolly bear” caterpillar. With full-color, poster-sized illustrations accompanied by intriguing facts, this is the ideal reference for lovers of these incredible insects.

36 BUTTERFLIES AND MOTHS: Learn about dozens of butterflies and moths, from the fluttering paper kite butterfly to the cleverly camouflaged oleander hawk moth.

BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED: Vibrant, detailed images bring these fascinating and beautiful insects to life.

FASCINATING FACTS: Includes hundreds of illuminating facts in an easy-to-read format that will enthrall insect-lovers of all ages.

MAP OF THE BUTTERFLY AND MOTH WORLD: A full-page map shows where each butterfly or moth is found.

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The Magnificent Book of Butterflies and Moths


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