The Four

The Four

Ellie Keel
Dark academia perfect for fans of The Secret History and If We Were Villains. Four scholarship students’ dreams come true when they are accepted into an exclusive boarding school, but they will soon be bound by a dark secret that could save one of them… or destroy them all…
’A dark, compelling and beguiling novel of revenge, guilt and love – Ellie Keel is a dazzling new voice’ Kate Mosse

‘An intensely gripping, thrilling and darkly beautiful debut. I was hooked’ Karin Slaughter

‘Sharp, powerful, tragic and addictive’ Chris Whitaker

‘This is The Secret History for millennials' Daisy Goodwin


We were always The Four. From our very first day at High Realms.

The four scholarship pupils. Outsiders in a world of power and privilege.

It would have made our lives a lot easier if Marta had simply pushed Genevieve out of our bedroom window that day. Certainly, it would have been tragic. She would have died instantly.

But Marta didn’t push her then, or – if you choose to believe me – at any other time. If she had, all of what we went through would not have happened.

I’ve told this story as clearly as I could – as rationally as I’ve been able, in the circumstances, to achieve. I don’t regret what we did. And I would do it all again.


‘Haunting and tragic, a tale revealing the ugliness of adolescence – and humanity’ Cecelia Ahern

‘Poignant and tragic, visceral and cruel, it’s about the best and the worst of what makes us human’ Emma Flint

‘Very stylishly done and chilling too’ Georgina Moore

‘The Four shakes up A Secret History with Mallory Towers to concoct a horrifically thrilling, emotionally gripping story of adolescent fear, pride, and loyalty’ Louisa Young

The Four


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