Surviving The First 36 Hours

Surviving The First 36 Hours

Surviving The First 36 Hours

Ky Furneaux

Picture this: the worst has happened, and you’ve suddenly been put into a survival scenario. In some cases, it might be best to find shelter, water, food, and fire. In others, you might need to get out as soon as possible. How do you determine which route to take Survival expert Ky Furneaux tells you what to do right when things go wrong. These real-life scenarios are ones that every outdoor enthusiast should be prepared for. From situations where it's best to stay put to ones where your life is in immediate danger if you don’t evacuate immediately, there is no better way to keep yourself safe than by being prepared.

This book will teach you how to navigate various scenarios, including:

  • Injuries

  • Hypothermia

  • Snakebites

  • Altitude sickness

  • Poor weather conditions

  • Becoming lost

  • Wild animals

  • Dehydration and starvation

  • Burns and bushfire

  • Drowning

  • And more

Detailed chapters provide expert descriptions of how to prepare and respond to a wide range of situations. Learn how to survive those critical first days when disaster strikes with Surviving the First 36 Hours.

KY FURNEAUX’s determination to defy the impossible has fueled a remarkable career as a survivalist, stuntwoman, TV host, and motivational speaker. She has been a stunt double for Sharon Stone, Jennifer Garner, and Jaimie Alexander; Furneaux also produced and documented an extraordinary 100-mile hike across the Sierra Nevada mountain range, featured in three episodes of Discovery’s Naked and Afraid, and was the only female in season two of Discovery’s Ed Stafford: First Man Out, braving a 12,000-foot mountain climb and -22°F temperatures. Although she’s conquered grueling terrain in over 65 countries, Furneaux is passionate about her country, and she shared the beauty of the Australian bush in her Discovery and 7Mate series Outback Lockdown. She’s a wilderness warrior in the tradition of the late, great Steve Irwin and in her own words a “true survival nerd.”

Surviving The First 36 Hours


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