Mind Your Gut

Mind Your Gut

Megan Riehl
A brand-new mind-gut approach for managing symptoms and living well with IBS, from IBS expert and bestselling author Kate Scarlata and renowned GI psychologist Dr Megan Riehl.

How to understand your symptoms and live well with IBS.

IBS impacts millions of people around the world - it is tricky to diagnose and miserable to live with. Through a comprehensive, holistic approach to living with IBS, Mind Your Gut reveals-

- How to understand the mind-gut connection
- The impact of stress on your gut
- Easy to implement, symptom-specific solutions for your IBS
- Nutritious recipes to calm your belly and maximise your gut health
- How to make healthy food choices in a food-fear and weight-obsessed culture
- When to re-examine your symptoms with your doctor and how to identify IBS mimickers, and much more.

Packed with science-based interventions, targeted mind-gut behavioural strategies and delicious, gut-soothing recipes, Mind Your Gut offers a full toolbox of therapeutic options to help manage your IBS.

Mind Your Gut


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