Men of the Outback

Men of the Outback

Men of the Outback

Margaret Way
he Cattleman

She might not know it, but these three things bring Jessica Tennant to Mokhani Station and the notice of cattleman Cyrus Bannerman. What Cy wants to know is if there’s another reason for her presence. Something that has to do with his father’s strange behavior...

For her part, Jessica wonders if coming to Mokhani wasa good idea. Working for the Bannermans might make her career, but this family — with the exception of Cy — just doesn’t seem right. As for Cy, he could be more than all right if it weren’t for the fact that he insists on assuming the worst about Jessica! There’s no one like Margaret Way when it comes to writing about Australia — or the passions of the human heart!

The Cattle Baron’s Bride

The wilderness at the heart of the Australian Northern Territorywas no place for delicate city beauty Samantha Langdon. Cattleman Ross Sunderland wouldn’t have agreed to act asguide if he’d known Samantha had signed up for the trip.Their one meeting had sparked an overwhelming attraction and, determined to resist her, loner Ross had vowed to avoid her at all costs. Sam could see in his hard, handsome face that Ross didn’t want her along. But they were seduced by the danger andprimitive beauty around them, and raw instinct took over astheir passion could no longer be denied...

Her Outback Protector

At first sight, Alexandra Kingston looked too young to have inherited the running of Moondai cattle station. Overseer Daniel Carson knew she would most likely need all the support he could give her.

Daniel combined strength with gentleness — a heady mix for a woman who had learned the hard way how to fight her own battles. Alexandra’s small frame belied her inner strength, but she couldn't deny that having Daniel close by her side made her feel both protected...and desired.

Men of the Outback


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