Jokes for Funny Kids: 9 Year Olds

Jokes for Funny Kids: 9 Year Olds

Jokes for Funny Kids: 9 Year Olds

Jonny Leighton
A new title in the 'Buster Laugh-a-lot' series, this hilarious collection features over 300 gags for 9-year-olds to share.

What do you call a boy opening a bag of crisps?

What do dogs love to dance to?
Pup music.

What do mermaids do on their birthday?

Ten side-splitting chapters cover a range of themes perfect for 9-year-olds to read and share with their friends and family – including ‘Spy Sillies’, ‘Mythical Mayhem’, ‘It’s All in the Name’, ‘Holiday Howlers’ and ‘Arty Antics’, as well as ridiculously random collections of ‘Bonkers Banter’ and ‘Jolly Jesters’. Designed to be easy to read and with wonderfully silly illustrations by Andrew Pinder for extra laughs, this laugh-out-loud collection will keep young jokers entertained for hours on end.

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Jokes for Funny Kids: 9 Year Olds


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