In Australia

In Australia

In Australia

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Age range 4+

Learning becomes fun with this book about the animals that are unique to Australia. Amazing artwork will inspire children in classrooms and at home to appreciate the world around us!

In In Australia, amazing artwork will inspire children in classrooms and at home to appreciate environment, ecology, and the world around us!

The perfect Australia children's book, Marianne Berkes makes animal habitats for kids exciting with In Australia, which doubles as a fun, interactive, counting book for kids!

Most of the animals in Australia are unique, meaning they live ONLY in Australia. From kangaroos to koalas, they are a fascinating bunch. Once again, Marianne Berkes makes learning fun. Kids will hop, slurp, and munch as they imitate and count the animals. Like Over in the Arctic, the cut-paper illustrations will inspire many an art project. Plus Marianne provides tons of ideas for activities and curriculum extensions about Australia, literature, writing, and animals. Teachers and parents, as well as kids, are the winners

Parents, teachers, gift givers, and many others will find:

  • captivating illustrations of paper cut animals which will inspire many an art project!

  • backmatter that includes further information about Australia and the animals that live there

  • a book for young readers learning to count!

In Australia


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