I Love Mum

I Love Mum

I Love Mum

Summersdale Publishers
Show your amazing mum just how much she means to you with this delightful collection of heartfelt quotes and timeless wisdom

Is your mum one in a million? Whether she's the best hug-giver, the ultimate counsellor or simply your biggest fan, say a massive thank you with the help of this little book.

These pages offer a curated collection of wise and witty words from actors, leaders, writers and musicians about the joys and quirks of motherhood. Whatever you want your message to be - kind, moving or just plain funny - pay tribute to your mum with this perfect keepsake.

This is for the mums who:

- can mend anything, even broken hearts

- always know exactly what to say

- will always love you, no matter what

There is nobody quite like your mum. Let her know how much you care with a meaningful gift celebrating everything that makes her the best ever.

I Love Mum


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