Grug Complete Box Set

Grug Complete Box Set

Grug Complete Box Set

Ted Prior
The ultimate collection of the million copy bestseller Grug - the complete set with all 34 titles

This classic Australian book series is now available in one big, beautiful bumper box.

Perfect for early readers, this beautifully designed package contains:


Grug at the Beach

Grug and His Bicycle

Grug and the Big Red Apple

Grug Builds a Boat

Grug Builds a Car

Grug and His Garden

Grug Goes Fishing

Grug Goes to School

Grug and the Green Paint

Grug Has a Birthday

Grug and His Kite

Grug Learns to Cook

Grug Learns to Dance

Grug Learns to Swim

Grug Meets Snoot

Grug and His Music

Grug in the Playground

Grug Plays Cricket

Grug Plays Soccer

Grug and the Rainbow

Grug Goes Shopping

Grug at the Snow

Grug at the Zoo

Grug and His First Christmas

Grug Learns to Read

Grug and the Circus

Grug and his Imaginary Friend

Grug Learns to Fly

Grug Goes to Hospital

Grug the Superhero

Grug Gets Lost

Grug Meets a Dinosaur

Grug and His First Easter

Grug Complete Box Set


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