Growing Season

Growing Season

Growing Season

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‘Extremely charming' Marian Keyes on Mr Doubler Begins Again

When life gets tough, do you give up? Or do you grow up?

Danny is riddled with anxiety. But he wants to be strong for his wife Sam. She's been through so much already.

If only he had someone to talk to.

Sam is facing a very different future to the one she expected. She's ready to move on, yet other people won't let her.

If only she had someone to talk to.

Their new neighbour Diana is hiding from her past. She wanted a new life. Now she's got it she feels angry and alone.

If only she had someone to talk to.

Each of them is hiding their pain. Each of them needs to heal. But only when they learn to let each other in will they finally be able to grow.

What readers are saying about Growing Season

‘A beautifully written novel, with highs, lows and twists along the way.' Karen and Her Books

‘This was one of those cosy, emotive and just all round beautiful reads that come up once in a while and just really grab my heart. I loved every moment'

‘Glaister's descriptions and depictions of nature are beautiful throughout. But the way she intertwines humanity with nature is particularly remarkable.' Netgalley reviewer

‘This book is so uplifting and beautiful… the feel good quality of the story really left its mark.' Jera's Jamboree

‘Most definitely what I needed at the moment – something uplifting, joyful, fresh, full of life!' Netgalley reviewer

Growing Season


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