Ghostbusters: Ghost Trap

Ghostbusters: Ghost Trap

Ghostbusters: Ghost Trap

Not Just Books
This officially-licensed kit includes a mini replica of the Ghost Trap from the 1984 classic film, Ghostbusters!

* SPECIFICATIONS: 4" mini ghost trap with doors that open and close with the press of a button

* LIGHT AND SOUND FEATURES: Light and sound is activated when doors are opened and deactivated when shut

* Outer housing emits 1 yellow LED + 1 flashing red LED in standby mode

* Inside emits 1 orange LED + 2 flashing blue LEDs, enhanced with light deflector to produce a unique effect

* BOOK INCLUDED: Mini book contains 12 full-color stickers, along with 3 smaller decal stickers for use with the Ghost Trap

* PERFECT GIFT: A unique gift for fans of the Ghostbusters films

* OFFICIALLY LICENSED: Authentic collectible

& 2021 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

Ghostbusters: Ghost Trap


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