Excel SmartStudy Year 8 Science

Excel SmartStudy Year 8 Science

Excel SmartStudy Year 8 Science

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This book serves as a structured revision program for all students unde rtaking Year 8 Science. It has been designed to help students revise for class tests, half-yearly and end-of-year exams. It is structured to con solidate students’ understanding in line with Australian Curriculu m outcomes. Through Quick Revision, concise Revision Summaries, Revision Test, Sample Exam Papers and Answers, this book will ensure that your c hild is fully prepared for class exams.

This book outlines the fi ve steps to test and exam success:
Step 1: Quick Revision
Step 2: Revision Summaries
Step 3: Revision Test
Step 4: Sample Ex am Papers
Step 5: Check Your Answers


Strand: Biological sciences
• Cells
• Bod y systems

Strand: Chemical sciences
• Elements and comp ounds

Strand: Earth and space sciences
• Minerals and r ocks
• Ores and environmental issues

Strand: Physical s ciences
• Energy

• Investigations and problem solving

Tips for the Sample Exams
Sample Exam Papers
Test & Exam Results
Feedback Checklist

Excel SmartStudy Year 8 Science


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