Book Of Superstitions

Book Of Superstitions

Shelby El Otmani
Learn the compelling cultural histories behind some of the world's supernatural beliefs with The Book of Superstitions.

Friday the 13th; rabbit feet; knocking on wood; walking under a ladder; the curse of the evil eye. We all have a superstition or two. Unveil the origins of some of the most universal and little known superstitions that have influenced cultures around the world for centuries. Including beliefs that gained a foothold in African and European folklore, notions from ancient Greece, legends of the British Isles, and beyond, this is a captivating read for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Inside you'll find:

Legends and cultural behaviors organized by region, so you can discover how cultural identity has impacted these beliefs over the years
Beautiful illustrations of these fascinating concepts
An analysis of how superstitions vary from country to country
Discover why superstitions have bewitched us for centuries with The Book of Superstitions. Fingers crossed you'll love this book!

Book Of Superstitions


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