Blood Sisters

Blood Sisters

Blood Sisters

Cate Quinn
You'd die for your best friend... But would you kill for her?

'Oh, my, can this author write women!' NEW YORK TIMES

'A major new talent' EVA DOLAN


The tiny outback town of Dead Tree Creek is a rough place - and the locals are even rougher - but they've never seen anything like this...

When a man is found gruesomely murdered in the local pub, all fingers point to the backpackers working behind the bar that night - two American girls who skipped town before the body was discovered.

Despite all the evidence against them, rookie cop Tara Harrison knows there must be more to this case than a pair of sorority sisters who couldn't take a joke. She's determined to uncover the truth, and is soon on the trail of a devastating secret that could tear her hometown apart.

But sorority sisters Lauren and Beth have their own dark secrets and they've made an oath to take them to the grave - which they will, all too soon, unless Tara can stop it...

Sun-drenched, suspenseful and addictive, with a cast of fierce, unforgettable women, Blood Sisters is the irresistible must-read of Summer 2022.

Blood Sisters


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