Black Silk and Sympathy

Black Silk and Sympathy

Black Silk and Sympathy

Deborah Challinor
A dazzling new series from bestselling historical fiction author Deborah Challinor, exploring the fascinating world of Victorian funeral customs and featuring Sydney's first female undertaker.

'Men have been undertakers for hundreds of years. Not women, men. You don't belong.'

Sydney, 1865. Orphaned and impoverished, Tatiana Caldwell travels from London to make a new life. Her path leads her to Crowe Funeral Services, where she apprentices under the tutelage of Titus Crowe, the enigmatic owner.

Tatty finds herself drawn to the fascinating conventions of the funeral trade - plumed horses and processions, mutes and mortuary trains, flowers and finery - as well as the more visceral new practice of embalming. Soon she becomes a wife, then, after the sudden death of Titus, Sydney's first female undertaker.

Her hard-won stability is shattered when Elias Nuttall, a ruthless rival in the funeral trade, accuses Tatty of murdering her husband. Facing public scorn and legal peril, Tatty gathers an unlikely band of allies in a battle to clear her name.

Black Silk and Sympathy is a riveting and realistic journey through the front parlours and dark alleys of 1860s Sydney, from the criminal courts to the cemetery at midnight.

Praise for Deborah Challinor:

'A master storyteller' Better Reading

'Perfectly blends fact and fiction' NZ Herald

Black Silk and Sympathy


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