Backyard Footy 2

Backyard Footy 2

Backyard Footy 2

Carl Merrison
The first book in a joyful black&write! Fellowship-winning picture book series that follows a cast of footy-loving kids as they hop through the backyards of their neighbourhood in the Kimberley, collecting equipment and friends to play with as they go.

Jy is playing football alone in his small backyard in the Kimberley, but when he accidentally kicks the ball over the fence, a footy adventure begins! Footy by yourself is fun but playing with mates is better.

Praise for Backyard Footy

'There's a real sense of energy and fun to this upbeat children's picture book by Jaru/Kija kids' author Carl Merrison' THE WEST AUSTRALIAN

'Hits the mark with its complete joy for the game and, even better, for its spirit of mateship' BOOKS+PUBLISHING

'A superb energy flows through Backyard Footy . . . When the punchline comes, it's very easy to agree: "Footy by yourself is fun but playing with mates is better"' SOUTH SYDNEY HERALD

'Joyful . . . Merrison's belief in and commitment to fostering community and kids' wellbeing shines through on every page of this latest big-hearted adventure. Backyard Footy is a precious picture book that conveys a simple but vital message . . . A heartwarming and immersive read for any young reader' BETTER READING

'A vibrant, fast-paced picture book . . . A very enjoyable read' READPLUS

Backyard Footy 2


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