The Star on the Grave - Linda Margolin Royal

The Star on the Grave - Linda Margolin Royal

Chris Vitagliano ·

The Star on the Grave

This book is for lovers of history and it is about a different perspective about an event not many people knew about during World War II.  We all know that the Japanese embarked on their own path of World War II, but what a lot of people would know is about the extraordinary deeds of a Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara. Chiune Sugihara followed his own moral code and defied his government's decree to perform extraordinary deeds and save thousands of Jewish refugees allowing them to escape the encroaching wave of Nazism which was spreading across Europe.  

This story is based around Rachel Margol whose life takes an sudden turn when she becomes engaged and discovers a long hidden family secret.  Our protagonist discovers her name has been changed to disguise her Jewish history.  As she delves into her heritage, Rachel's journey unfolds against the backdrop of wartime Japan, weaving together a tapestry of resilience, courage, and the enduring human spirit.  

This book is enlightening to about a little known part of World War II history and will resonate with readers to keep you hooked until the last page.  

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