Lola in the Mirror - Trent Dalton

Lola in the Mirror - Trent Dalton

Matthew Vitagliano ·

This is an exciting October release the new novel by award-winning Australian author Trent Dalton.  The author of Boy Swallows Universe, Love Stories and All Our Shimmering Skies.  The book is Lola in the Mirror.  It is mesmerising and shows what a magical storyteller he is. 


Once again, Trent has weaved his literary magic.  A girl and her mother are on the run, leaving the monster behind with a knife in his throat.  A girl has no name, real names are dangerous.  A girl who lives in the grasp of a Brisbane underworld drug queen, known as ‘Lady’ Flora Box.  But this girl has dreams, dreams that she desires to use for her future.  Trent’s writing is magical, he takes you into her world as you follow her journey.  Trent captures the girl’s spirit - the daily violence and anguish together with her love and dreams to enable her survival.   

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Happy Reading

Chris 🙂  xx

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