Manga Yokai Stories

Manga Yokai Stories

Manga Yokai Stories

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This thrilling collection of seven Japanese ghost stories will captivate lovers of yokai stories!

Manga Yokai Stories includes:

• Nuke-kubi: A masterless samurai is trapped in a house haunted by headless goblins

• The Screen Maiden: A young man develops an obsession with a woman in a painting that almost kills him

• Corpse Rider: A woman's unburied corpse cannot rest until she has taken her revenge on the man who divorced her

• A Dead Secret: A young mother terrifies her family when she returns as a ghost, unable to find peace until she puts to rest a shocking secret she has left behind

These classic Japanese ghost stories are based on those written by famed author Lafcadio Hearn between 1890 and 1904. Here, they are retold by award-winning comic book writer Sean Michael Wilson, who has garnered a worldwide fan base for his manga adaptations of works of Japanese literature, including such classics as The Book of Five Rings and The Demon's Sermon on the Martial Arts. Wilson's skillful adaptation of Hearn's ghostly tales — along with superb manga illustrations from UK-based Japanese artist Inko Ai Takita — make these fascinating stories come to life.

'The various myths and folk tales, depicted in semi-realistic manga style, are fascinating both as glimpses into Japanese culture and as an exploration of universal human fears.' — Star Tribune

'Lafcadio Hearn was an Irish-Greek writer who lived in Japan from 1890 until his death in 1904. With the help of his Japanese wife Setsu, he collected Japanese stories and wrote them down and is today considered one of the first authors to bring Japanese ghost stories to the West. In this collection are seven of those stories — some tragic, some with a hint of comedy, and some downright creepy.' —

Manga Yokai Stories


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