Do You Know Where the Animals Live?

Do You Know Where the Animals Live?

Do You Know Where the Animals Live?

Not Just Books

Age range 9 to 12

From the New York Times-bestselling author of The Hidden Life of Trees and The Inner Life of Animals comes a book for kids about animals at home and around the world.

Get ready to become an animal expert! Have you ever wondered...

  • Are worms afraid of the rain?

  • Do fish use farts to communicate?

  • Why do elephants stomp their feet?

  • Where do platypuses lay their eggs?

  • Why do wolves mark their territory?

  • Do animals dream? What do they dream about?

  • Do animals get scared, feel happy, or become excited like we do?

In this highly visual, fun, and interactive book, kids will get to know all sorts of animals, from birds and caterpillars in their own backyard, to grizzly bears in chilly Alaska, to puffer fish in the waters of Australia. Through a mix of activities, facts, stories, and pictures, kids will learn how to spot animal homes and follow their movements. How our actions impact animals and their ability to survive and thrive in nature. And kids will meet some of the wildest and most interesting creatures on Earth, including ones that like to impress their friends, and others who are masters of disguise.

This wonderful introduction to the animal kingdom features playful questions, fun quizzes, and at-home activities that will help kids study animals in their own backyards — and make the world a better place for them.

Do You Know Where the Animals Live?


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